SmartPass is a smartphone app that allows consumers to pay for gas at the pump without having to go to the cashier. This app is free and available for Android and iPhone devices.

In that case our system does an automatic refund. It will be credited to the card you paid with.

Our system processes credit or refund immediately and sends an email to confirm. This credit may take 5-10 business days to be reflected on your statement. The duration of this process is the product of how the financial institutions involved in the transaction work and it is something that we do not control. It would take the same time in any establishment and with any form of payment that handles credit cards.

We have more answers to frequently asked questions on our customer support page. From there you can also contact us to ask anything you want to know about the service and how it works.

There is no law prohibiting the use of cell phones at gas stations. Industry best-practice recommendations advise against the use of cellphones at pumps while fuelling due to potential fire risks. While this risk has proven to be low, it does exist and our recommendation to customers is to use your mobile phone to pay and then put your phone away. In addition to mitigating fire risks it also prevents distracted fueling which may lead to breakaways, spills and other dangers.

You can find the updated list of participating stations in the application. You will also find the cost of gasoline by station and a map to locate it. This listing will be updated as new stations are added.

We accept debit or credit cards with the Visa, MasterCard or American Express logo.

No. The reason for not having PIN debit cards is because the cell phone is not a PIN input device for PCI security purposes. You can use a debit card that has a Visa, MasterCard, or American Express logo. Soon we'll be offering other payment methods within the app.

Yes, you can use any card that has a Visa or MasterCard logo. If you have trouble adding the card, let us know by sending a message on our customer support page.

Security is one of our top priorities. All credit card information is stored in an electronic vault that complies with PCI security standards.

All app communications with our servers are encrypted using SSL/TLS, the same level of security used by all banks. Our system doesn't have access to any credit card information, that information is transferred from vault to vault without us being able to see it. Our mobile payment solution uses tokens that are passed to the merchant’s processing system, instead of your actual card number. This tokenization process prevents merchants from have access to your actual credit card number virtually eliminating the possibility of the card getting compromised. Our system only saves a reference number to the cards that only serves to pay within the application and only when the user authorizes us.

Yes, your information is secure in SmartPass. We use the same level of security that all banks use. All credit card information is stored in an electronic vault that complies with PCI security standards. In addition, SmartPass has passcode and Apple TouchID to authorize all purchases. This protects you if your phone is stolen.

Yes, our app is enabled to work with Apple TouchID.

SmartPass is totally FREE for consumers. The app is free to download and there is no service charge. You pay the same price you would pay for gas using any other form of payment. The price of gasoline with our app is the same as shown at the station.

Our full-service offering will continue to be available onsite, however the app will provide the additional option of self-service to customers who are so inclined.

Mobile app payments are inherently more secure than physical credit card payments. Since you never expose your card to a magnetic stripe reader you are never subject to credit card skimmers.

To report bugs in the app you can do so by visiting the customer support page.


Thank you for taking the time to report issues responsibly. To report bugs or issues related to the security of our services, we have a security policy that describes the process we prefer for this type of claims.