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With each purchase you will be eligible to receive instant discounts and prizes.

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The benefits

Smartpass Discounts


With every purchase you'll get a chance to win instant discounts and exclusive offers.

Smartpass Quick


Fill up faster. Pay at the pump using your smartphone. It takes less than 60 seconds.

Smartpass Easy


Scan the pump's QR code, choose an amount and pay with your credit card or debit card.

Smartpass Secure


Protecting your data is our priority. We protect your information with the same level of security used by online banks.

Smartpass Flexible


We accept Visa & MasterCard in all our stations.

Smartpass Convenient


We store the receipts for all your transactions so you can reference them whenever your need to.

Smartpass Scan the code

Scan the code

Open the app, tap on pay, scan the pump's code, select an amount, pay and fill up. If the final amount of the transaction is less than the prepaid amount an automatic refund will be issued.


Smart Pass users save time & earn rewards.

Smartpass Near you

Near you

Smart pass mobile is available at all Shell service stations in New Providence.


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